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Who is Iris Yeoh ?

Oh well, i guess i should start my first blog post by introducing myself.

Hi everyone, this is Iris here :)

26 years old  single current location : Penang, Malaysia

Here i am to tell the stories of my life. Let me start with some of my experiences in my life :) A brief one , i guess ? 
I was a student in Disted college Penang doing my Degree in Accounting and Finance back in 2012, and that's the time where i started to join in roadshows, photo shoot and freelance job.
Throughout all these years, been working for various events and of course along the way i did meet a lot of awesome people in life.

Nak support local fashion designer ? Shop at Nak Beli today !

Hey guys and girls, as a Malaysian don’t you think we should support more of our local products and also our local designer ? I find many nice pieces at this site called

Our 3 days 2 night accommodation at Krabi @Maritime Park Resort and Spa

So, we’re here on long trip and Maritime Park & Spa Resort became our first choice in Krabi. it is a clean, calm, peaceful and huge property located in the heart of Krabi.  It is just around 16 minutes driving distance from Airport and just a few minutes away from local night markets.

My First PRP Treatment with Laco Clinic

Have you heard of PRP Treatment? 
PRP ‘Vampire’ Facial is a fast growing ‘Hollywood’ facial trend.Various PRP facials have been readily available for years even before it became popular as the ‘Vampire Facial.’Claimed benefits of the platelet-rich plasma (PRP) Facial Injections include reducing the prominence of scars, wrinkles, sun damage, and dark circles. 
I've heard of PRP Treatment for sometime and finally this time I got the chance to try this treatment and see how it works at Laco Clinic Puchong Branch. 

Otaci Rose Passion Skincare Reicew - Glowing and Healthy Skin starts from now

Hi, do you love drinking rose tea ? If yes, I think you'll love this skin care range from Otaci Malaysia that I am going to share with you in this blog.

This Otaci Rose PassionSeries skincare range is manufactured in Turkey and is currently selling online at their social media pages otacimalaysia and website HgMart.Asia. 

Euro Design - Malaysia Stylish Online Eyewear Store

Hi guys , today would like to introduce you guys a stylish eyewear online store, which is

This online eyewear store is inspired by trendy fashion nowadays. If people can buy fashion items at a very reasonable price, it should be a very good news for us right? Because as far as I am concerned, fashionable instagram pictures does have many prices to pay. So now with the help of this online store, I can purchase fashionable eyewear consistently and wear it with my OOTD to do shoots for my content online. 


前两天台灣最大醫療體系--長庚紀念醫院在檳城Bayview Hotel 舉辦了一場“整合性癌症治療國際研討會”,吸引檳州一百多名醫界、學界、台商、留台校友以及民眾參與,針對肺癌、腦癌及肝癌等三大癌症進行經驗分享及深入討論,十分熱絡。

省钱,省电费的太阳能灯! 找CBM Green 就对了